How It Started

I’ve loved food ever since I was a little kid. Over the years, I've explored countless cuisines while preparing meals for friends and family, grabbing bites around the world, and cooking with locals abroad.

After COVID-19 hit, I turned to food for comfort, making hundreds of international recipes to bring fun and variety to my lockdown. Doing so got me thinking about the many snacks I ate and how bored I’d grown of their taste – especially bars, with their generic flavors like peanut butter chocolate and vanilla blueberry. I imagined the mouthwatering flavors of global cuisines in a healthy bar I could enjoy anytime and anywhere. When I couldn’t find anything like what I craved, I decided to create it myself.

Once I graduated business school during the pandemic, I moved back home with my parents (thanks mom and dad!) and spent the next six months cooking up a storm in the family kitchen. The result is Afar, a line of crunchy, savory bars packed with international flavor and wholesome ingredients. I’m excited to finally share a bite with you!

Gene Zhu, Founder